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Date de publication : 28/10/2010. Date de mise à jour : 24/01/2011.

Par Thibaut Cuvelier (Site Web) (Blog)

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I. Introduction
II. 1984
III. The Forest
IV. The Playground
V. The Wall
VI. Du Hast
VII. Come On!
VIII. In the end

I. Introduction

The year the whole [begun]

You're my friend
Not the only one
But I wished you were
But you'll never [be my only one friend]

Once one came
From the isle
And you'll never [be my only one friend]

Once one came
Broke the very [thing it/he should not]
And you'll never [be my only one friend]

II. 1984

Many ones came
None knew [(you knew / knew I)]

Many ones came
None wanted [(you wanted / wanted I) (to know / to be known)]

Many ones came
They'll never

Spyin' on you
Every second
Every time you check [(in / out)]
Every chunk
The very [thing you do not want to be seen]

The drums
Their heads
Their meanings
Their colliding
On your head
On yours
On mine
On ours

The dogs
The war
The hell
The door
Here they come!
Here they come!
Wake up!

Hum... Hum... We'll...
They're coming!
They are coming right now!

Hell is by us!
Or the bridge is to come
Or the water is to come

Flood of blood...

III. The Forest

They're off our way!
They're on our way...
Off the road!

So lone...

So lone...
So dark...

So lone...
The drums!

So lone...
They're in my head...

So lone...
I'm afraid!

So lone
Where are they!

So lone
I wantn'! [be so alone]


Oh, my enemies...
Do you know
How much I do appreci-...

The world's the playground
The warground now
Once one came
The ground redished

Once one came
The green was red
The red was redder
The blue was ladder [will you escape?]

The world's my playground now
And I do what I want
And I do not do what you want
'Cause it's mine

IV. The Playground

You're scared? [of what I am doing]

You dislike? [what I am doing]

The organs? [playing some kind of beautiful organ song]

The beauty? [of the organ no one wants to hear]

That's alright!
Go and loose yourself!

Fall with me
Or die by me
You're scared?

Am'n' I right? [would you say I am not doing what is right for you?]

My arms? [they are on you, you are doing what I want you to, you are my slave]

Who's comin'?! [hey... I am right, innit? are you sure? will you say it? do not hurt me! please!!!]

Keep calm!

You're so scared
I'm afraid
I won' do [anything for you]

Fly in the night [the insect or the verb]
Jail in the night
Tears in the night
You're cold?
That because of your sun
Your sun cannot be bright on my ground
You will have to stay, to sit, to lie, to be on my own ground

V. The Wall

[WD WSL: SeaWinds Level 2B]

Can you read?
Can you understand?
Can you only imagine?

So much of it...
Can you read it?
Can you understand it?

So small...
Can you read it all?
Can you understand it all?

Can' you, pay me
Can' you? I'm here too
Don' worry
Everything can be arranged [not your way]

Do trust
Does it make any sense?
Does it make any money?

Quiet time
Time of quiet
Making a fuss

Just obey

        Do trust
        Just obey
I'm here
Now you're there
Now I'm there

Give you things
Give you-
Give you things-...

You're findin' it so hard?
I don' think so
Just feel
Just trust
Just obey
And it will be soft

So you can love again

VI. Du Hast

info [or: Du Hasst]
Give me pellets... [or tablets? quite not sure]
Give me things...
Give me pills...
Give me drug...
Calm this depression
Calm this depression

Faith no more
The way off
The way lone

Or die
Din' obey
But din'ie

Whenever I try to fly axay
Whenever my heart's gone
Whenever I feel the pain

Tell me why
Did not you phone?

It's over
It's over

        Sanctus spiritus
        Spiritus Dei
        AgnuS DeI

                Du hast
                Du hast
                Du hast

                You did ask
                I did not answer
Please do help me
'Cause I need it
It won' come out of here
I'm sure
'Cause I won' come out of here
Better send epigraph right now
Insanity is all around me
Could I break free-
  Of you chains?
Man made
Mainly made
Soon off

Beyond my horizon
Beyond my youngness
Beyond my livings
Beyond the magnets
Beyond the miracles
Beyond the river
Beyond the water
Beyond the time
Beyond the dawn
Before the dawn
Before the time
Before the water
Before the river
Before the miracles
Before the magnets
Beyond the friends
Beyond the surroundings
Beyond the night
Beyond The Night
Beyond the taste
Beyond the light
Beyond The Light
Beyond the grass...
Then fall
Do fall

VII. Come On!

Come on, get high
And you can see the truth
They all tell you...
Only lies

At once, picotruth
So we can fall again
In the same
The feeling of loosing everything you can imagine

These written walls
Always at it
Never a chance
Never a going-out

So come on and get high
The higher, the clearer
You'll see -
You'll understand -
Why only lies

All'ey want is you
They won' see you in pain
In terrible pain
If you see what I mean --

When looking at'em
Why the fuck do you still!

VIII. In the end

But then... Lost in my own place... The only one can call mine... So lost...

Sometimes a fool... Sometimes drug... Never any good-looking...

Once upon a time... No. This is real.

It once hosted war. Then me. The devil came here - and I'm no happy, even if I'm just away from all those slaughters, life-slaughters. I thought happiness was just right here, right now, out of. But it is not. Away from salughtery. Away from life. So wake up. It's time.

I thought humanity was just a nightmare. Always doing wrath, for us all. Then one come, tried to change my mind... but failed. Happy failure, so do I thought. Lay down. Listen. So I did go out of the party. It was all over me. All agreed - well, all liars. You think you can call such, 'friends'? Well, you've got no choice. So I closed my door to my friends. So I opened my door to my enemies. Both told me to go and fuck myself. Please. You see: you know you just can' win. And I took the path soldiers took long before. And I found syringes. And I found other kinds of drugs. But there, guys were just not that unkind. And I stayed for years. Away from life. From you, my love. Could I laugh again? It was not to help. At all.


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